A Leap of Brand

Words by Chrissie Lightfoot Words by Chrissie Lightfoot

In the ensuing months I will be posing questions, discussing issues and proffering solutions in relation to Business Development. To kick-off, let's start with a topic which perplexes and, sometimes vexes, the majority of businesses; namely, branding.

Chrissie Lightfoot

Chrissie Lightfoot

In order to do this subject justice, I've decided to write the trilogy series 'A Leap of Brand', during which I will share my thoughts, ideas, successes and examples in relation to this fascinating and critical subject with reference to companies, 'things' and people across the globe.

We will be looking at company brand ('Brand - Firm'), personal brand ('Brand - Me') and product brand ('Brand - Product').

You may be asking yourself, "why these three?" Well, many people have asked me in the past few years "Chrissie, how did you do it? How have you gone from a no-body into a 'somebody' who works with top companies all around the world?

How did you do it from a standing start with no money, no connections at the start of the worst recession the world has ever experienced? What's your secret?"

"My secret?" I reply. "It's 'A Leap of Brand'. The secret lies in the brand trio, and the order in which you build the brand in this digital age."

So here's the trio and here is the order in which I built a viable, feasible and sustainable six-figure company and lifestyle these past few years:

1) Brand - Me
2) Brand - Product
3) Brand - Firm

Why did I do it this way and why does it work?

• "Brand - Me" and “Brand - Product” build the profile and reputation of "Brand - Firm" by volume and in stages giving depth and breadth to the power of THE BRAND stable.

• It's highly cost effective and has the most impact this way, fast...

• "Brand - Me" and "Brand - Product" generate the income (provide the funding) for creating "Brand - Firm" and/or re-branding "Brand - Firm". This is hugely important for companies with limited financial clout; reality for the majority of businesses that simply do not a have a Daddy Warbucks Branding War Chest.

• It's because THIS is the ORDER your clients and prospects relate to your company. It's what clients / customers / consumers want in this Digital Age. They buy due to emotion and justify the purchase with logic. It therefore seems logical that you focus building a brand starting with humanness (Brand - Me), share something of benefit / value with the customer (Brand - Product) whereby Brand - Firm is naturally borne from these two.

This is not pie in the sky theoretical waffle, or mumbo-jumbo. This brand trio order works. It works extremely well. It worked for me. It works for my customers. It will work for you too.

And now that various highly credible reports and research have provided proof of what my gut, logic and entrepreneurial spirit told me, no doubt there will be fewer naysayers and more of you willing to take A Leap of Brand.

I shall leave you with this thought. Every interaction you have with someone outside (and inside) your company is an instance of 'relating' – or, if you prefer, 'branding in lights'.

Ask yourself these questions: is each interaction good, bad or indifferent; effective or ineffective; positive or negative; brand-building or brand-destroying? 

These are important questions, because branding is not everything, but everything is branding.

Chrissie Lightfoot is a prominent international legal figure and the chief executive officer of EntrepreneurLawyer Ltd, a global consulting business specializing in relationship sales and based in the UK.