5 ways to promote your business relevantly

In the busy world of business, where technology is quick, customer attention span short, competition ever-growing, and with social and environmental pressures mounting, getting your marketing right as a business can be challenging. How do you stand out amongst the crowd?

It’s not always just as simple as getting your promotional marketing right, but it’s about understanding the tools needed to make your promotion successful and have an impact.

Identifying how much to spend on marketing material is one thing, but knowing what resonates with your audience is another. And that’s without spending any time or money sourcing products and getting the branding spot on.

We often get asked what’s the key to any marketing success. The short answer is simple and basic. It’s relevancy, relevancy, relevancy. Involution have been brand partners to businesses across Yorkshire, the UK and more since 1999. We know our stuff!

And focusing on relevancy does not mean boring. Your brand and message can be fun and quirky, yet still highly relevant to your audience. When branded merchandise is done correctly with intent and relevancy, it has the opportunity to enhance lead generation and customer retention.

Businesses need to make sure to really get down to the nitty-gritty details of their customer, or their customers’ customer, by knowing their needs, triggers or inspiration to leave a lasting impression.

So, how can your brand be relevant? We put our 5 tips together for you…

1. Be present in key hotspots

Find out where your customers are, or where they attend. Do the digging and really get to know where the best places are to be visible to your audience. If they regularly attend events or exhibitions, just like with Brand Yorkshire, be present and display your potential. Have an intriguing branded display that lures in the customers with your logo at the forefront.

From printed roller banners, pop-up displays, tube banners, curved banners, POS displays and straight stands, there are so many options and ways to have the perfect setup. Make sure these communicate your key USPs (unique selling proposition) and why they need to talk to you.

2.Create smart branded gifts

Never settle for less than exceptionally relevant merchandise. Too often, we see merchandise created and given away just for the sake of it. Merchandise needs to be effective for your customer and represent your brand’s USPs well. Think about their location, the season, the weather, or a pain point that could be addressed. Consider what may potentially also impact them on the day and have proactive branded gifts. Is it set to rain? Hand out branded foldable umbrellas. Are they passionate about sustainability and music? Have branded recycled speakers. Do they often travel? How about lightweight laptop bags or leakproof travel mugs? Do they work with cars? Get your branding USPs and company details on the magnetic encoder detector.

With the breadth of products available, from low-cost to premium, to home or office, to recycled or sustainable, small or large with endless colour and decoration options, there’s always something for someone. It’s just knowing the finer details of your audience.

 3.Make your team look the part

Do not miss out on the opportunity to have your team kitted out with branded workwear and everyday items. By having your logo, brand message or QR code featured on the likes of staff essentials, the more eyes you have on your business and be at the forefront of your customer’s minds. Alongside boosting your brand, company uniform and merchandise also solidifies brand connection and reinforce professionalism and improve customer trust and loyalty. This has a direct impact on the confidence your customer places in your brand and service.

Branded workwear essentials typically include shirts, polos, hoodies, jackets, travel mugs, water bottles, laptop bags, notebooks and pens, and so much more.

4. Be relevant by being irrelevantly bonkers but practical 

Not everything always has to make perfect sense. Sometimes, the things that connect us or leave memories are the wildly random moments between person and brand, that still somehow makes sense. We recently had a customer take branded condoms and toilet paper to their networking event. It has nothing to do directly with their brand, but it’s a talking point, unforgettably brilliant and for many, a commonly used product.

When it comes to merchandise, there are plenty of non-traditional items to add your logo to, some very genius ideas we’ve helped customers with have included golf balls, air fresheners, ice scrapers, desk herbs and hangover kits.

 5.Creative and accessible resources 

What can you do to help give your customers what they need? Are there typical pain points that your brand can address or provide useful insights on? Having easily accessible information and resources is an essential way to stay relevant with your audience. How, you ask? With the re-emergence of QR codes, more brands are jumping at the opportunity to create marketing hubs to benefit their audience. With the timelessness of QR codes and the simple ability to update information or swap out links, they remain a practical and simple destination for any brand.

Then the only consideration is where should these QR codes be featured and how can these be most accessible to the end-user. Whilst packaging is an obvious choice, careful consideration must be placed on the reusability and longevity of the item. Think of the practicality and location of when the resources need accessing

Whether it’s needed for new employees, customers or prospects, notebooks and NFC pens are staple stationery items, with mugs, water bottles and power banks equally practical products. It is important to embed your company’s ethos and USPs in your own team as well as your customers. For occasions where there is a lot of movement, QR codes printed largely onto clothing or displays can help provide quick access to information.

Branding products with scannable codes help avoid customer fatigue. Instead, the end-user will be presented with an available all-in-one hub instead of receiving endless emails with links or printouts.

Merchandise plays a critical role in providing lasting marketing for your business and targeting your audience. When done with tact and relevance, it is a game-changer, but it is important to remember your intent and purpose to the end-user. Avoid creating merchandise for quick, disposable activity and opt for considerate and relevant marketing tools that reinforce your brand messaging and benefit the end user.

So, keen to get your own branded merchandise that packs a punch? As a proud Yorkshire business, passionate for branding, workwear and promotional merchandise, we would love to help you out.

Involution specialises in print and embroidery for promotional clothing and merchandise. As Brand Partners, Involution also offers a bespoke portal solution for flexible workwear management and fulfilment. We Want to find out more about us? Follow this link

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