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Here at EasySwitch we’re passionate…

Here at EasySwitch we’re passionate…

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  • September 24, 2019
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Here at EasySwitch we’re passionate...
about making sure businesses are getting a fair price for their energy.
We’re Yorkshire based and want to make sure Yorkshire businesses are not paying over the odds for their energy, here are some tips to help you out so you don’t get caught out!
Avoid contract
rollovers at renewal:

When you receive your renewal offer from your supplier, don’t just accept the first one! Renewal offers are typically more expensive than you’re currently paying, and often more competitive rates can be secured – give them a call and you will most likely be offered better rates.
your contract:

If you plan on changing suppliers, it is important that you formally send termination notice to your current supplier within the notice period outlined in your terms and conditions. If you don’t, you will rollover and could be unable to change to a new supplier until this notice period has been served.

Out of contract or
variable rates:

Try to ensure you officially sign into a new fixed contract term, otherwise you’ll be placed on what is referred to as ‘Out of Contract’ or ‘Variable’ rates. These rates are often double market prices and start automatically when your current contract ends. Most companies are happy for you to be on these rates as it means more money for them, don’t let them pocket your hard-earned money!

Use a broker:

We would say that I guess, however over 60% of companies select ‘rollover’ contracts each year as it is in their eyes “the easiest option”, this loses combined savings of millions of pounds for businesses each year. Brokers will scour the market and have the experience to get you the most competitive rates.
Check your contract:

Don’t become obsessed with just reducing your Unit Rate (p/kWh). Many energy tariffs have both a Unit Price and Standing Charge, but low Units Rates with high Standing Charges doesn’t always mean cheaper total annual costs. Ensure you compare the overall annual cost of your bill, based on what you use, rather than just individual rates.
Use referrals and recommendations from your network:

Speak with your business network to see whom they use to secure their energy prices. Using a trusted provider from a personal recommendation reduces the risks.
Now for some top Energy Saving Tips for businesses
Getting your bills and contract right is essential to making sure you are paying the right amount of money and getting a fair deal on your energy. 
If your bills are in order, then here are some tips on how you can look at your energy usage to help save energy, which will in turn reduce your usage and spend.
Embrace energy efficiency:
Depending on the supplier, they will have off-peak and high peak times within a day. If your business model allows, try to only use excess energy in off-peak times. Encourage your employees to follow suit and watch how your energy usage decreases.

Replace existing bulbs with LED or CFL:
LED & CFL lighting consumes a lot less power than traditional lighting and offers much longer lifespans. This does not have to be expensive; you can do something called retrofitting where you can amend your original lights to fit LED or CFL.

Hibernate mode: 
This might seem very simple, but many people don’t do this (especially when employees aren’t responsible for paying the energy bills) Make sure you use the hibernate feature on your desktop or laptop. This will ensure that your laptop is “turned off entirely” whilst saving your current work, you will then be able to carry on with your work from the same point when you return to your screen. More importantly it reduces energy consumption.

Heating and cooling:
By keeping your office one degree less during winter and one degree up during the summer this can reduce the power it uses by as much as 10%

Excessive use of lights:
Make sure to switch off lights in areas used the least. Corridors, stairs, meeting rooms and canteen. Motion sensors to detect when people enter or leave a room could be installed at an initial cost but a saving your electricity in the long run. 

Solar Panels: 
Solar energy is free, clean and a renewable source of energy.  Installing solar to take up some of your load will help bring down your electricity bills. 

We love...
to create great relationships with
Yorkshire businesses and help make
sure everyone is getting a fair deal on
their energy.
We’ll be exhibiting on the day at Brand Yorkshire – we’d love to say hi – pop over to our Stand 36 to meet our team, we’ll have some great competitions too including your chance to win a £100 meal out at restaurant of your choice.

For more information about us, please visit our website

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