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“It’s the network stupid”

“It’s the network stupid”

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  • August 15, 2018
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Back in 1992 James Carville, Bill Clinton’s campaign manager reportedly had “It’s the economy
stupid” on a big sign on his desk.

1992 was way before we had 3G, never mind 4 or 5G, dial up internet access was a glint in the eye
of Pipex (the first UK provider of dial-up internet), the first SMS message was sent that year while
email and the Internet were the very new kids on the block and by the way Margaret Thatcher retired
from Parliament.

Just 2 years earlier in 1990 the first standard for networking as we know it had been published, IEEE
802.3i for 10Base-T, and it is upon that standard that all of what we now know as ‘computer networking’
has grown and developed.

Since then, just 26 short years ago, we’ve all seen how computers and the networks they run on
have have become indispensable to everyday life. Email has pushed written letters to near oblivion,
we shop online, we date online, we work online, we socialise online, we get our entertainment online,
we bank online, we book our holidays online – well you get the point …

At the heart of all the things we do online, along with much of what we do offline, is the network and
it’s there in our home or workplace that we have control over it and how it works for us. We need that
network to be secure and stable – secure so that we have control over what happens with our data
and what and where we connect to, and stable so that it works consistently whenever we need it.
Today we can’t manage without the network, just like we can’t manage without the economy.

It just seems to be there, sometimes driving us mad when it doesn’t work like we want it to and sometimes
vulnerable to attack because we don’t really understand it and simply rely on the default settings for

According to iQor 64% of consumers say they cannot live without home WiFi for more than a day,
70% of consumers are fearful of hackers breaching a smart device in their home and more than half
of US adults (58%) fear lack of privacy from device manufacturers who have access to data, real-time
conversations, voice patterns and search history.

Now we start to see why our networks must be secure whilst also providing the level of ‘service’
we’ve come to expect.

Here are 3 very simple things that you can do to make sure your network is more secure:
1. Make certain that the default password for any device is changed
2. Use a password that is easy for you to remember but isn’t obvious – maybe ‘!L0v3Y0rk5h!r3’
rather than simply ‘Yorkshire’
3. Ensure ALL your devices and the associated firmware, software and operating systems are
kept up to date.

Yes Baker Stone are AV and Smart Technology consultants and engineers at heart however
whenever Baker Stone works with a client we start by looking at the network they have or need
because without that none of the rest of the ‘magic’ is possible.
Apparently ‘It’s the network stupid’ is a ‘snowclone’ of the original phrase – glad I learnt that while writing this
blog piece 😉

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