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Are you director in a specialist industry like renewable energy, manufacturing or built environment and struggling with communications that connect with the right audience, secure media coverage and add value to your business’s bottom line?

I run a communications agency which provides multi-level strategic advice and guidance on how your business communicates with the people who matter to you. Ethical, committed to measurement and adept at responding to change, I remove the fear and dislike of PR felt by many business owners, marketing directors and sales directors and replace it with certainty and understanding of the role of PR in any organisation.

Even in niche sectors, communication is a vital element of success. My clients benefit from my experience in technical and complex areas, and challenging markets including construction PR, manufacturing PR and renewable energy PR.

Do you need to speak to me? If your communications are disjointed, in disarray or under-performing, or if your brand’s reputation isn’t where you’d like it to be, or if you are interested in trying a new multi-faceted approach to your marketing communications, yes, let’s talk.


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