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My background is graphic design for print, which was my profession for over 30 years. I still love typography and print with a passion. It was in that former role, had the privilege of working with the late Iain Bain (former curator of printed materials at the Tate). A leading expert on the life and work of Thomas Bewick, he had forgotten more about fonts and layouts than I ever knew and was a formidable mentor for all things print related.

The decline in traditional print coincided with my growing curiosity in digital communication and eventually led me to change roles, becoming Marketing Manager at Strongdor.

I like that the change in career necessitated a change from reactive working to a more strategic, proactive role – targeted outcomes, budgets, metrics, balancing growing an online audience with client retention and managing traditional print collateral.

Now adept at PPC for both search and display advertising, web design and implementation, e-commerce, data tracking and analysis, social media and email marketing, there is no time to stand still but hard work is its own reward and there are few feelings better than the light bulb moment when a new skill falls into place.

Well supported by Strongdor, a company which is positive, ambitious, industrious and extremely affirming, we also make great steel doors. The growth we have enjoyed over the last few years shows no sign of slowing down.

Recently I have also been exploring another calling into ordained ministry in the Church of England. Being accepted into training as an Ordinand in 2018. Now studying part time with The University of Durhams’ Common Award Programme through All Saints Centre for Ministry and Mission, with a view to Ordination in Spring 2021.


To be confirmed.


No current offers.