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At Saxton’s you will get results you can measure. Every client achieves at least eighteen examples of how their coaching with us has made a difference, or you receive a full refund. Our accredited Courses also offer a similar deal, subject to the depth at which you study.

See for videos and explanations of how our value for money service delivers on its promise. Your Team at Saxton’s is backed by 30 years experience in the field of executive performance.

The Teams goal is to provide you with a service that delivers good value for money and a quality of service that surprises you. We illustrate through a unique Assessment tool what someone can achieve with their motivations and attitudes in as little as twenty minutes. Without charge we will show you what works for you and what mentally is getting in the way so that you can see straight away how the service will be of value to you and your team. You can be confident about getting the results you want because apart from the guarantee, every client is hand held through to achieving what you want and then is supported by a free six monthly check up that makes sure that you are still achieving the results that you and your business needs.

To support this the Team delivers courses that are open to all industries and those that are run in your own premises, designed so that they meet your specific needs.

Contact us to find out more about our work with organisations who have already experienced the benefits of working with Saxton Partners. You can also watch our latest videos and use our quizzes to find out more about you at or ring and speak to Sonia Saxton on 01423 858816.

Specialties: Results that can be measured include Emotional Resilience, Executive Coaching; Cultural Change Programs, Sales Negotiation; Advanced Language For Influence Skills, Team Coaching for specific results.


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