Our 13th Conference will be another fantastic opportunity to gain many new clients, referral partners and hundreds of new contacts, together with seeing 13 inspirational and knowledgeable speakers.

Brand Yorkshire Speaker line up 2022

Richard Coulthard

Richard Coulthard

9.20 to 9.40am

Employee Ownership Trusts and Succession Planning options

Business Owners all have decisions to make when it comes to their future and retiring. As Director and Head of Corporate at Ison Harrison Solicitors, Richard advises businesses on ownership structures and succession planning across a wide range of sectors. At Brand Yorkshire he will provide an overview of the options available to business owners when it comes to exit strategies, with a particular focus on the viability of the transition of ownership into an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) – a process that Ison Harrison has recently undergone and also a process which has become increasingly popular with business owners seeking a tax efficient exit whilst also benefiting employees in the business.

David Johnson

David Johnson

9.50 to 10.10am

The Human Search Engine

The Human Search Engine is an interactive and engaging workshop by LoudCrowd’s David Johnson. You’ll get first-hand knowledge from Dave’s experiences enabling a wide range of businesses to scale their new customer growth through Google search. As well as giving you an overview of the top tactics for improving your website’s sales performance on Google, Dave is outlining the best free tools you can use to improve your business right now!

Rebecca Padgett

Rebecca Padgett

10.20 to 10.40am

Business Matters: Recruiting & Retaining Talent for SME Growth

Rebecca is a senior teaching fellow for employability and professional development at Leeds University Business School and facilitator of the Help to Grow: Management course. In this talk Rebecca explores how SMEs can attract and retain a diverse and talented workforce.

The SME community often has fewer resources and less brand recognition to nurture talent and so using her breadth of expertise, Rebecca will talk about how businesses can best position themselves by creating talent networks and championing progressive employment.

Leeds University Business School runs a number of programmes and courses to help local businesses including the Help to Grow: Management course which is designed for local small-business owners who want to grow their business.


Liz Wood (PIEMA, PhD)

Liz Wood (PIEMA, PhD)

10.50 to 11.10am

Sustainability Project Leader, Comply Direct Ltd

Liz manages and delivers a range of voluntary and mandatory carbon, energy and sustainability projects to a wealth of sectors, spanning from manufacturing to service industries. These initiatives include, ESOS, SECR, Carbon Management and Reduction, ESG projects, and supporting organisations with tender applications and PPN requirements.

Liz is passionate about learning and creating a better world for all, aiming to inspire, enable and empower organisations and individuals to achieve their sustainability aspirations.



Helen Williams

Helen Williams

11.20 to 11.40am

Operating with Confidence, Clarity and Control

Confidence, Clarity and Control aren’t just a nice to have, they are
imperative for positive outcomes, successful results and your overall
fulfilment in both life and business.
What’s the alternative? Fear, chaos, procrastination, avoidance, doubt and a
car crash waiting to happen – and that’s not just for you, its for your
clients and the people around you too.


Dawn Coker

Dawn Coker

11.50 to 12.10am

Female leadership & menopause in the workplace

Shining a light on the great things women in business can achieve, Dawn is an inspirational and tenacious leader who used her personal experience of going through menopause in the workplace at 37 to inform a menopause policy at Access2Funding, where she is managing director.

Supporting women’s advancement in business through developing and retaining female talent is of great importance to Dawn. This year, she was crowned the winner of the ‘Women Making a Difference’ award at the Merseyside Women of the Year awards 2022, largely due to her menopause at work efforts.



Sophie Metcalfe

Sophie Metcalfe

12.30 to 12.50am

How to hook your customers in with one sentence!

Most businesses are burning money on marketing because they haven’t figured out how best to talk about what they do. This short workshop will prove a tried and tested method of creating a winning proposition that will no longer confuse or bore your audience.

Sophie is a Chartered Marketer and founder of Your Marketing Doctor – helping SMEs diagnose the big problems with their marketing. With a simple 6-step strategy, Sophie prescribes a more effective and efficient way to do things.


Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones

1pm to 1.20pm

Purpose-led business and the Yorkshire B Corp Community

Business is a key part of society and community and an essential force for good when addressing our current challenges.

Are you a purpose-led business and want to be part of the “business for good” movement?

What steps can you take?  Where might you connect with other like-minded businesses that balance purpose with profit?

Jag Panesar

Jag Panesar

1.30pm to 1.50pm

SEO or brand? Where should you be focussing your marketing efforts in 2023?

Jag Panesar, director of Saltaire based digital marketing agency will be talking about:

  • The importance of getting your brand present in the right place in 2023 – it’s simpler than you might think
  • The best order to approach your marketing in 2023. You’d be amazed at how often it’s done in the wrong order
  • Understanding what type of marketing activity fits with which stage in your prospect’s buying process, afterall, nobody makes a B to B purchase on the spot, right?


Sally Bendtson

Sally Bendtson

2pm to 2.20pm

Happiness at work boosts profitability by 147%.

Valuing your people and creating a great place to work isn’t just the right thing to do, it actually makes business sense.
Amazon best-seller, viral TikToker and founder of Limelight HR, Sally Bendtson, has worked for big brands like the BBC, The Guardian and Nickelodeon and for the last 5 years has been using her expertise to support small, people-led companies to achieve their ambitions by creating engaging, happy workplaces.
But what does that mean and how do you do that as a small business? Join Sally for a fun, informative session with plenty of practical, top tips about how to be a standout employer and attract and retain the stars of the future.



Judy Parsons

Judy Parsons

2.30pm to 2.50pm

The LinkedIn Lady

An independent LinkedIn trainer, speaker and LinkedIn marketing specialist, Judy works with business owners to unlock LinkedIn’s potential, so they Get Found, Get Famous and Get Clients on LinkedIn.

Passionate about de-mystifying LinkedIn, Judy ensures her clients make the most of the time they spend on LinkedIn, closing the gap between ‘just being on LinkedIn’ and making LinkedIn work effectively as a tool for generating inbound enquiries.


Joanne Tomlinson

Joanne Tomlinson

3.00pm to 3.20pm

How to maintain your margin during a cost of living crisis

With inflationary pressures coming from all sides, how do we protect our businesses, and ensure we have a solid platform on which to grow as the economy recovers?

Jo is the owner of an award winning  Accountancy Practice, a growth coach and trainer.

In this session, Jo will share with you the three things you will need to do to maintain your margin and protect your cash so that your business can survive, or even thrive in this difficult economic climate.

  • Know your Numbers
  • Protect your Cash
  • Making informed spending decisions
Glyn Selway

Glyn Selway

3.30pm to 3.50pm

Innovation – why do I need it in my business?

One of the most commonly-used phrases in business is ‘WE’VE ALWAYS DONE IT LIKE THAT’. Nobody can really remember how the system came about or who thought it was a good idea – but why change it if it still works?

Most business owners want their activities to have a culture of honesty, good service and great value. Glyn will propose that it is equally important to have a CULTURE OF INNOVATION as this is the real driver of growth and success.