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09.10-09.30 Andy Gambles– Your guide to managing a data breach

Andy is the founder of Servertastic. A company with over 15 years experience of working in the web and cyber security industry. Managing a company with thousands of customers in every continent of the world there isn’t much Andy hasn’t seen in the world of Cyber Security. His specialism lies in helping small and micro business owners understand the threats they face and how to deal with them in simple low cost ways.

Andy will talk you through how to manage a data breach or cyber security incident. He will include step by step guidance on what you should do to minimise disruption, get yourself back up and running and your legal responsibilities.

09.40-10.00 Steve Philip–  Why Most Content Posted On LinkedIn Fails

During the past 10 years, Steve has helped demystify LinkedIn for hundreds of business professionals around the world. His high energy, no-nonsense approach, will ensure you know just what it takes to generate a return from the time you spend on LinkedIn, so you can attract more of the right clients.

Steve’s clients include organisations such as: KPMG, The British Red Cross, Toyota GB, Hewlett Packard, FedEx, Deloitte, Harley Davidson, as well as hundreds of SME businesses. He has also delivered talks to many of the Universities and Business Schools in the UK and in Europe.


10:10-10:30 Michelle Mook– Being an authentic and inspiring leader 

Michelle is the founder and Managing Director of Pro-Development (UK) Limited based in Yorkshire and the Humber providing support in all aspects of employee engagement and people development.

With over 25 years of experience of improving performance through people consultancy, training, coaching and team/leadership development, she founded Pro-Development to help the growth of small to medium sized businesses in and around Yorkshire and the Humber

10.40-11 Debra Lowndes

Debra is driven by helping organisations realise their true potential.

Having trained and supported UK Accountancy and Tax Practices in implementing new services and make improvements to service delivery and client satisfaction, Debra is now taking the same ethos into businesses, working with Finance Directors across Yorkshire and the North of England.


Based in Sheffield, Debra supports entrepreneurs to access their rightful tax deductions from HM Revenue and Customs, utilising these extra funds to build sustainable growth. Debra continues to support tax partners and managers in clearly demonstrating their value to their clients and gain outstanding customer satisfaction.



11.10-11.30 Jane Keogh– Unplugged – why unplugging from stress is vital for your well-being

Jane is a Positive Mind & Success Coach; who helps people lead happier, more fulfilling lives through personal development and growth

In a fast paced world, unhelpful emotions like anger, frustration, fear, & disappointment create stress and anxiety and become barriers to achievement.  Stress not only clouds vision & creativity, it is also the single largest cause of employee absence in the UK and is now linked to serious mental and physical illnesses. Everyone can improve their resilience with effective tools and techniques

11.40-12.00 Andrew Gibson-Find Your Own Seven-day Weekend

Andrew Gibson is passionate about helping new and small businesses find good customers quickly, and about helping charities find revenues from their activities. He is on a mission to help people find sustainable income sources through word of mouth referrals and has already helped hundreds of clients to achieve this life transforming goal.

He has shared his methods in his new book, “What’s Your URP?”, described by Andy Bounds as “A simple guide to achieving Easy Growth.” The book explains how you can differentiate yourself by focusing on your specific customers and their specific needs, generating word of mouth referrals and then converting more of these into business.

12.20-12.40 DR Jo North

Jo brings a unique perspective to people and organisational development as she combines her mentoring, facilitation and innovation skills with real world, commercial business experience. Jo has proven expertise in designing and delivering commercial innovation activities and also in coaching high potential managers and directors.

12.50-1.10 Jane Bytheway

Jane is passionate about enabling bright, motivated people to create the success they want in life and in business. Virtually nothing gets achieved in life without involving other people, and positive relationships create a space where possibilities can transform into an exciting and fulfilling new reality. Thats why connection lies at the heart of our work together

13:20-13:40 Jeremy Praud– Is what you believe about productivity wrong?

Jeremy has 20+ years’ experience of working with manufacturers to improve productivity. Having started his first graduate role in the paper industry, two short years later the Mill was slated for closure – it was this experience that made him resolve to understand exactly what it takes to help a factory survive, and indeed thrive.  His passion is breaking through what limits the thinking in manufacturers about what they can achieve

1.50-2.10 Janet DoranMake them an offer they can’t refuse

Whether you supply B2B or B2C we may think that buying is a rational decision, but it’s simply not true. In this session, Janet Doran explores what customers really value and how you can use this to make your offer stand out from the competition. – come and find out what really makes customers say ‘Yes’, drives loyalty and ensures they refer you to others.

2.20-2.40 Paul Slater–  Supercharge your team! The power of purpose.

Paul will talk about why a clear, shared purpose is so critical for teams that want to outperform their competitors. He will share what it looks like when you have a purpose that works, and what you can do to ensure you supercharge your team. At the end of the talk he will be giving away a free tool to supercharge your team called Purpose Builder.

Paul loves helping businesses to change, improve and grow. His consulting career began in 1995 at a Leeds based brewery where they paid him in beer! Since then Paul has been fortunate to help many businesses to change, improve and grow. He works with small and medium-sized businesses using a 3-step approach for total business growth, called Ready? Plan. Grow! to make them more profitable, more enjoyable places to work.

2.50-3.10 Nigel Greenwood – Why you should welcome customer complaints

Nigel has over 30 years’ experience of helping businesses gather and use customer feedback. In this presentation he will show you a simple system that has been proven to deliver fantastic results for all types of business!

Nigel is a former Head Of Channel Management and Head Of Customer Loyalty for HBOS PLC. He delivers customer experience workshops worldwide and is a best-selling business book author who says it as it is. Through Simply Customer, he has helped many local businesses and has now designed innovative business advice software to help more businesses grow by improving their customer experience and using customer feedback.

3.20-3.40 Jo Tomlinson – Perfect pricing for profitability

Jo is the owner of Business Works UK, a value based advisory service who solve real problems and needs for their clients.  Our clients want more from their Accountant than an end of year history lesson.  They want to work with advisors who they trust to give them advise on their business.  This is a long-term relationship strategy.

“How much should we charge for our goods and services?” is a question we get asked regularly.  In the workshop we will look at different ways of pricing for goods and services.


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