We are delighted to announce our 2020 Awards Ceremony will take place on Wednesday 2nd December 2020 at The Village Hotel, North Leeds from 7pm.

Please join us at our annual Brand Yorkshire Business Awards ceremony where you’ll have the chance to win awards varying from ‘Best New Business of the Year’ to ‘Hospitality Venue’. This is the perfect opportunity to get recognised for the extensive work you do and truly showcase your business.

Strictly for Yorkshire based businesses only, you may be up against some of your local competitors – even more reason to apply!

Finalists will have the opportunity to market their products or services on our Brand Yorkshire e-newsletters which are sent to over 51,000 of our contacts.
Please email entries to

Brand Yorkshire Business Awards Winners 2019

Brand Yorkshire
Business Awards
Winners 2019

Best new business

(trading for less than two years)

Best micro business

(no more than 9 employees)

Best small business

(no more than 50 employees)


(no more than
50 employees)


Sponsored by the
University of York

Out of their league

Sponsored by the RTC North

Property & construction

Sponsored by DE Ford Insurance 

Brand Yorkshire Sponsorship Packages

Brand Yorkshire
Sponsorship Packages

We have two sponsorship packages available:

£250 + VAT

(this includes 2 tickets to the event)

£4499 + VAT

(this includes 10 tickets to the event)

Both packages will receive marketing and promotion in the lead up to the event to gain maximum exposure.

For more information please contact Mona

All finalists must pay for their tickets for the awards night alongside the minimum ticket purchases per category, this is to ensure we have maximum capacity at the venue and there is little chance of non-attendees.


£69 + VAT

£299 + VAT

£550 + VAT

Tickets include 3-course dinner, plus a reception drink.

Minimum ticket sales vary per category:


Best New Business
Minimum two tickets

Best Micro Business, Best Small Business, Innovation, Hospitality Small Business, Hospitality Medium Business, Out Of Their League and Property & Construction Small Business
Minimum five tickets per each category

Property & Construction Medium Business
Minimum ten tickets

*Money raised from this event will contribute to the development of the school at Hemsworth Miners Welfare to help disadvantaged and disenfranchised children.


Points Explanation

  1. Gives little or no factual information about the business to support the entry. Doesn’t explain much about the business in relation to the criteria.

2. Small amounts of evidence or metrics that could be easily challenged. No independent/ verifiable evidence. Only a small amount of information about the business in relation to the criteria

3. Gives decent information in relation to the criteria. Attempts to demonstrate a business case supported by limited amount of evidence/metrics.

4. A clear pitch in relation to the criteria supported by good evidence/metrics.

5. A show-stopping story clearly linked to the criteria, supported by independent/ verifiable qualitative and quantitative evidence.